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On this call, you’ll receive:
(For Parents With a Life Challenged Teen)

Identify Which Phase of The 5 Phases of the Downward Spiral Process Your Teen is in.
Discuss immediate action steps that need to be taken before you lose your teen forever. Map out a plan that leads to a more successful, respectful, and happy teen.

Pin point any limiting beliefs or fear holding you back

​Explore if there is a fit for us and your teen to work together in my coaching program

About Donald Murphy aka Doctor Purpose - Parenting and Life Purpose Coach

The Power of Decision- Through all the pain and ups and downs of my downward spiral towards destruction.

One day I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. I was sick & tired of the set-backs and the rollercoaster ride that took me nowhere.
My relationship with my parents, friends, and family was a disaster.

When I made the decision to change my life the Universe, brought me a Lifeline to help me in the form of my first Boss (Mentor) who changed my Life forever. He spoke positively in my Life and helped me develop my skills and talent.

I went From Life Challenged Teen to Successful & Happy Life With Purpose!
I have dedicated my life to helping Teens find Purpose! Let me be the Lifeline for your Teen.

“From lost, fights, alcohol, and ditching class to being responsible, respectful and figuring out what I wanted to do in life. I recommend this program because it will help you (teenagers) beyond your wildest dreams.”
“Thank you, Doctor Purpose, your program was a turning point for him that really helped him!’’
Ms. Williams
Mother of a 2014 Participant
“Lead by Doctor Purpose our students and staff have been raving about the high level of engagement and the very strategic curriculum used by the facilitators. Today’s student and millennial population can be a tough group to keep engaged with, but Project Purpose has the ability to captivate an audience for many hours at a time. Overall, we saw a 10% increase in students continuing their education with Community College of Denver compared to last year.”
Andrew P. Garcia
Director, Admissions
“We have opened our campuses to Project Purpose International and have watched our students blossom under Doctor Purpose guidance. We have multiple students actively engaging in multiple aspects of Project Purpose including their workshops and entrepreneur boot camps. If you have a purpose than your schoolwork has a purpose. Purpose ignites hope, hope produces action and action gives rise to a life of meaning.”
Christopher J. Fuller
Superintendent of The Denver Street School

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